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From the November 2000 issue of Teen People:

Backstreet Boys ventured back to Sweden, rejoining producer Max Martin to cowrite and coproduce songs for their third US release, due November 21. "[It] will be the biggest one that we've done so far, because we have reinvented ourselves," says AJ McLean. "We can't just think of a freaking title!"

That's changed, obviously.

So...I assume everyone (I don't know why I'm saying everyone...I'm the only person reading this right now) has heard "Shape of My Heart" and "It's True." Lyrics later. 48 days until Black and Blue. AJ said they totally reinvented themselves...so I'm anxious to hear what this album will be like.
Well, how can I have a Backstreet Boys blog without first off acknowledging Caitlin? Backstreet.net is where everybody goes to get news, television appearances, song clips, the whole works. I can't even try to think about how much time she's put into that site. The organization alone would make my head spin. But she keeps it all under control, and in a very fashionable manner. She gives BsB fans on the web a good name.
Well, this is it. Despite not having a host (instead I have that nasty banner up there, even though I do appreciate the blogspot space), I officially welcome you to The One: A Backstreet Blog. This is the first Backstreet Boys-devoted blog, as far as I know. Inform me if I'm wrong. So, I hope this goes in the direction I want it to go in, and most importantly, other fans appreciate it.